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Hello men. Um, today I shall reveal a Vizio, myuh, crypto industry overview. Uh, we will talk about Bit coin and terrible gentleman Drupal. And until we'll start off, please support this videogame. Visit and subscribe to my social networking websites. Even a YouTube station until the grump station all of links, uh, builds the Speedo. Okay. First, the complete Bitcoin as opposed to a United says door, uh, in the moment.

Therefore I'm going to reveal you vital amount at $99,100. It's our robust resistance at $10,500. I hope, um, value can continue to grow away FHEG brick outside of, uh, our primary amount. Therefore in this circumstance, after fake brick out, who is able to open lock position, if we'll switch, uh. Our charge to one hour. This event, you could visit a next.

Thus, uh, in case price will create bogus brick outside of Zeus amount, in this circumstance, we may open lock position, uh, for, intermediate, high aims. Okay. Next one can be just a terrarium and ball to Terry him. In addition, I want reveal youpersonally, um, complete encroach, as you are aware. Expand this area switch, U M, features a, uh. Vehicle. I am hoping this, um, additionally from a service level of each, I, uh, uh, chat , uh, yesterdayuh, '' we can not open a loan location, uh, immediately after fig break out of this level, uh, which, uh, could sit with all our aid degree of our completing trainer.

In this case, we can start a great deal of place for higher targets too, like a Bit coin.

Next one about re pull on a ball. Triple striation a luteal difference. Bryce most likely traits inside our fall, uh, increasing garage comfort, you can see rising verge isalso, mmm-mmm. It's small a short blueprint and see if Bryce will, uh, break our fur, uh, bottom part of our, uh, Arisun grudge. Inside this scenario, we are able to uh, receptive as short position robots.

We truly want hint, weights. We have to run enough time, weights. Uh, if it, uh, will occur. It simply needs such a case. We can start sharp position if we will. U M. I swap for one hour candle for a one hour chart. So in this circumstance, uh, you also can, you are also able to see our recurrence, uh, support at no purpose 2 4, six, $2. Uh, therefore that I hope when price is likely to create a fake brick out with the level.

We can, um, catch, um, at a Ludo pull, Beck increased. Uh, okay. That is all of my trading policy on now. Hope that it will use a entire four useful to you personally. Uh, do not forget to push such as button and then subscribe and watch another time. Bye.